AR+ Builds OPB-1 NFT Collection

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OPB-1 is a collection of unique renders and a complete, metaverse ready, 3D model of an open purpose 4-story building. Enjoy its architecture, ideal for metaverse gatherings, fun, housing, office and/or commercial use.
The planning design creates personal areas graced with light through generous windows and ducts, the building merges the exterior and interior in a controlled yet open plan.
Discover our rare Open Purpose Building 1 (OPB-1) collection, 5 unique render arts and a 3D Model with enclosed files ready to install in any metaverse, direct AR+ Builds Meta Studio Technical Support provided, CLICK TO BUY, verified NFTs, as described:
  • Open Purpose Building (OPB-1)
  • OPB-1 Render 1/5
  • OPB-1 Render 2/5
  • OPB-1 Render 3/5
  • OPB-1 Render 4/5
  • OPB-1 Render 5/5
This is a collection of a contemporary style multi-purpose building for your investment, trade and/or metaverse of choice install, feel free to contact-us for a one-on-one meeting for further information.
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